We all know that “first impressions” are key in life.¬† But what about the fifth impression?¬† Or the five hundredth?¬†¬† Or…

Don’t worry about it.¬† I’ve got you covered.

My NEW JIMPRESSIONS show will answer your questions, and my infinity of celebrity voices will soon make you forget you even asked.

And if that’s not enough, my new series, The Impression Guys will show you basically what my life as an impressionist trying to also make it as a serious actor is like.

But for now, stay calm.  And above all, ACCEPT IMITATIONS.

New show starts in Hollywood on March 1st at 8 p.m.  For tickets and reservations:


  1. Jim, I, too make my career as a variety tribute performer – impressionist. A few years ago I had the pleasure of interviewing your mom Marion Ross on stage at the big “Endless Summer” car event in Ocean City, MD. Being red headed myself, she joked that I could have easily been one of the ‘Cunningham boys!” Great lady….I perform many classic TV stars, not only in voice but dfull dimension impersonations…80+ at this time. I am national, coast to coast, and perform for many corporate clients. Randy Nolan I know of because of the late Steve Bridges…please say hello to him for me if you would.

    Pictures are worth thousands, web sites are worth bazillions of words. I invite you to mine… also

    Hoping to send you and Mom, Marion those photos!
    Tim Beasley 757-589-0903

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